The Most Powerful Popup System on the Market!

Introducing the most powerful pop-up system on the market…

Ninja Popups

Install Ninja Popups for WordPress.

Ever thought of setting up a popup on your home page?

It has dozens of other capabilities.

Here are some sample popups:


Check out Ninja Popups now!

Some additional features:

  • Make popups open after a user has scrolled through a certain percentage of the page.
  • You can make popups open after a certain amount of time of inactivity – no mouse or keyboard activity required!
  • Google Analytics Event Tracking can also be integrated into Ninja Popups.
  • Create traffic for your page bounces with a popup!
  • Ninja Popups is easy to configure. No coding required!
  • Great Popups Designs – many colors and many layouts available.
  • The popups are highly customizable!
  • The popup system is translation ready!

Check out Ninja Popups now!

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