Are You Seeing This?!?!

This WordPress Plugin allows you to use your site visitor’s CPU power to mine for a cryptocurrency.

Please tell us that this is not real!

The author says…

"Please check your CPU usage while open the live demo page. Your CPU mining XMR every time while open the page.

You need Coinhive account for use this plugin. You can sign up Coinhive for free.


  • You can pause the mining at any time
  • You can set how much threads are used
  • Can not be blocked by Adblock (Requires visitor confirmation)
  • You can set the fraction of time percent that threads should be mining.
  • You can see your earning on Coinhive dashboard.
  • You can see current hash rate on Coinhive dashboard
  • Fully documented

Check out this WordPress plugin…

Caveat: If you use this plugin on your WordPress-fueled web site… make sure you wildly inform your visitors that you are using their CPU for mining purposes. If you do not, we would think that it is highly unethical.

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